10 Different Types of Justin Bieber Selfies

Justin Bieber is absolutely on top of the world right now with his music, undeniably good looks, and romantic interests. The 13-year-old prepubescent pop star has matured into a sexy, crooning, born again superstar. He even is getting away with charging fans $2,000 to take a selfie with him at his tour’s meet and greet. In fact, he just recently invested a whopping $1 million dollars into a selfie app. Girls love him, and guys want to be him, or they, at least, have all the women who love him. Almost everyone would be lying if they said they weren’t becoming a fan of Justin the recent months as he dropped his best album of all time. Even though Justin is on top of the music scene right now, not everyone has managed to forget about his wild past that resulted in a petition to get him out of the country. Regardless, with a whopping 54 million followers on Instagram alone, it’s safe to say that Justin has a decent sized audience to impress on social media. With that being said, of course, Justin takes selfies all the time to share with his fans, so much that they’ve been placed into different categories. Don’t believe us? Read on to see the ten different types of Justin Bieber selfies.

1. The sad and confused puppy selfie.

This must be a fan favorite, or Justin’s favorite because he posts this sad and confused puppy face on the regular. We’re not sure why this is his face of choice, I mean he obviously looks cute, but is there a bigger reason behind it? And not to be punny, but it very much looks like Justin is asking “what do you mean?”

2. The inquisitive and curious selfie.

This is another Justin Bieber classic, eyebrows raised, lips usually pursued or mouth open. Again, we can’t help but imagine him asking “what do you mean?” with this face. It’s pretty clear so far that Justin isn’t exactly into taking a selfie of himself with his natural resting face.

3. The shirtless selfie.

As the saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? In Justin Bieber’s case, posting shirtless selfies is certainly not wrong. Justin continues to post an array of shirtless selfies, and his female fans certainly aren’t complaining. Whether he’s trying to show off his abs, or collection of tattoos, it doesn’t look like anyone wants him to stop anytime soon.

4. The Justin + hot babe selfie.

With his fame, voice, good looks, and obviously his wallet, Justin is bound to attract an array of hot babes along the way. Everyone from celebrities to models, to aspiring actresses and singers come and go from Justin’s social circle, and, therefore, come and go from his selfies. These ladies obviously enjoy their five minutes of fame as every gossip news source in the country starts reporting about whether or not they’re a hot new item or not. But move over, Selena, Justin’s current fling is none other than stunning model Hailey Baldwin.

5. The funny face selfie.

Sometimes, Justin takes a break from the serious faces and switches it up with something goofy, like the selfie above. I guess it’s his way of saying despite the millions of dollars and all of that, he still can be silly and down to earth.

6. The Justin + fellow celebrity selfie.

Fame attracts fame, right? Well in Justin’s case, this has got to be true, because he’s got a slew of selfies with other celebrities. From Drake to Kris Jenner, Justin is taking selfies with anybody who’s anybody and posting it on his social media accounts.

7. The Justin + Fan selfie.

Although Justin has been accused of not being exactly kind or grateful to his fans in the past, he’s trying to change that image. One of the ways he’s attempting to do it is by posting selfies with his fans. We can’t help but admit that we’re a little jealous of the lucky fans.

8. The mirror selfie.

Even Justin Bieber is guilty of taking the most cliche selfie of all time, aka the mirror selfie. He usually uses this wider shot to show off his shirtless bod off for his fans.

9. The Justin + Selena selfie.

Justin and Selena Gomez, aka Jelena, have been on and off since Selena was still a tween on Disney Channel. Because they’re relationship is so obsessed over by fans and gossip news columns alike, it’s only natural that we include his and Selena’s selfies on our list.

10. The “Justin on vacation” selfie.

Sometimes, celebrities need a vacay away from being super rich and famous, and Justin is no exception. Justin often shares his international adventures with his fans wherever he goes.

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