Top 3 wildest sexual dating apps you should try now

Are you a wild one? Sexually speaking? In that case you may have found yourself pretty bored with Tinder and dating apps of the like. Well, it seems like you might need to download some apps that allow you to walk on the wild side where you belong.
Meeting someone online is inherently kinda freaky, but beyond the anxiety of that first date there isn’t much separating meeting someone off Tinder from meeting someone at a bar. Tinder is the sticky college bar of mobile dating… and you seem like you’re the type who’s looking for the swanky swinger club of mobile dating…
Here are some apps that pull you out of the vanilla scene and into the jungle:
1. Feeld
This app markets itself as the dating app for the open-minded single and couple. I suppose since the app doesn’t define open-minded it’s up to you to decide for yourself what that means! You can find plenty of singles and couples who are looking for – well – things that open-minded people look for.
This app was originally called 3ndr, but after being met with some pushback from Tinder they decided to rebrand and target not just the threesome seekers but the “open-minded”.
After pursuing the site for a moment, it’s pretty clear you’re going to find a lot of couples and people who score closer to a 3 on the Kinsey Scale. If you’re looking for a threesome or if you’re a couple looking for a third, you’re probably going to find some candidates on here.
But there are some people looking for kinky sex! All you fetishists might want to join up here instead of Bumble!
If you’re worried about what your friends might think of you if they saw you on this kind of dating app, you can toss the folks at Feeld a little extra cash ($15.99 a month or $31.99 for three months) and you can hide from your Facebook friends!
2. Whiplr
Speaking of fetish…
Whiplr is the closest thing to Fetlife I’ve found on mobile. You can even link to your Fetlife profile!
This app is created for the kinksters and the fetishists out there. You can mark what you’re into kink-wise (though you’re limited to a few selections), who you’re into gender/sex wise, and fill out a small bio! You can also upload public and private photos, which you can grant certain users access to. So no public nudes, but you can have nudes set to private.
3. JustBang
Are you ever curious who’s down to bang? Yeah, I know people on dating sites are probably pretty close to being down but there are a lot of people looking for serious commitments.
JustBang is definitely for people looking for others who are DTF. There’s also an option to indicate that you’re “down to date”, but let’s be honest you’re going to pay special attention to those indicated their DTF.
This site is great if you’re looking for some wild no strings attached sex. Unlike Tinder, there’s no guesswork involved when it comes to your match’s intentions with you.

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