How to make sex videos at home – Tips for making amateur porn

Do you like to make homemade porno movies with your partner? Whether you want to keep it for yourself, or upload it for others to see, making amateur porn can be a ton of fun. he best sex videos that we ever see in porn are homemade videos, not those that were paid for.

Choose a site to upload your videos

If you’d like to upload your video for others to watch it for free, there are many sites where you can do so. We prefer using a hookup site called Free Sex, where you can also browse member videos and upload your own.

You can even upload your videos to other sites like OnlyFans and make some money. Or, you could even make videos on a site like If you decide to not share you videos and just keep them private, that’s okay too! Making porn videos is still a lot of fun.

Use a cam, webcam, or phone

Whether you want to film sex with a partner, or yourself, you’ll need a cam, a phone or a webcam. Cameras like a cam, a webcam, a phone or a webcam can be very simple to use. Many webcams can be connected to a PC via USB, or a smartphone can connect directly to it.

If you’re recording yourself, a smartphone or a webcam is the easiest way to do it. If you’re not comfortable with your phone or webcam, there are a variety of cam and webcams to choose from.

If you have a smartphone, you’ll want a cam or webcam that connects to the Internet to make your videos. A cam that works well with your phone is the best way to go.

To get a cam or webcam that connects to your smartphone, search for a cam app. Cam apps connect to a cam or webcam and then use your smartphone’s screen and camera to do so.

Some cam apps also let you record yourself as well. The cam or webcam app can be found on Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

There are some apps out there that are free, while some cam apps cost money. Before making a purchase, do some research about the price for the app, and make sure it’s worth your money! You may have to pay for the app, but it could save you money by allowing you to create better amateur porn videos.

Get the lighting right

To get a good picture, you want your lighting to be perfect. Try out different light sources from overhead lights to lamps, or even a desk lamp. Make sure it’s in a well-lit area and it will be much better to work with than if you had to work with a dark area.

If you have a small bedroom, you can put your cam or webcam on a desk or on a shelf and that will give you the perfect lighting you need.

Put the camera on the bed

Whether you’re filming your partner, or yourself, you’ll want a cam that is in a good position to shoot from. If you put the cam on your bed, the bed will give you the perfect lighting to use for recording.

Also, make sure to put your bed on a hard, flat surface because that will give you a better picture.

Get a tripod

You’ll want a tripod for recording. A tripod can be a huge help when you want to make porn videos of yourself, but it can be very helpful with filming your partner as well. When you use a tripod, you can adjust the camera to be in a better position than if you were trying to make a video without a tripod.

Using a tripod helps you get your lighting right and it can make a huge difference in how professional your videos appear. If you have to use your bed or a desk as your cam or webcam, a tripod can make your videos even better.

Use some props

To make your videos more fun, try using props. For example, try to film yourself with a fake boner or use props like an erect dick. It’ll look a lot better if you film yourself like this, but your partner may not like it.

So be sure to get their permission before you use any props. Or, if you do want to film with props, ask your partner if it’s okay.

Also, if you’re filming with a partner, you can play along. This will make it seem like you’re both having fun. Try to film your partner in a funny way too. For example, if you’re filming a threesome, have fun with the camera. This will make your video a lot better, and you’ll feel much better.

Make sure your camera is set to auto-focus

Whether you’re filming yourself or your partner, you want your camera to be set to auto-focus. Auto-focus will take care of getting your pictures and videos to look great. Auto-focus will also make sure that your video is in focus.

If you’re filming a threesome, you can film all three of you in the same area and just zoom in to get all of you in focus. If you’re filming a threesome, you can also use a timer to make sure all of you are in focus.

Should you really film free sex videos?

Although you can make some money filming your own porn videos, it can also be a great hobby! If you’re at all interested in filming and uploading free porn videos, we suggest you give it a try. However, if you don’t want to make free porn videos, you’ll probably want to look at a more popular site or at least sites where you can get paid to film. You can upload your videos to a site like