What program did you use to create your Watercolors?

Watercolor Backgrounds, Digital Pastels, and Black & White Patterns were all made the old fashioned way…by hand and not on computer. Acually, all of our “Art Backgrounds” were done by hand.

The Watercolors were all painted on 11 x 14 inch rag paper. Quite often, multiple transparent layers were used before the desired effect was reached.

What exactly does Royalty Free mean?

You are free to use any of Wetzel & Company’s images, privately or in commercial projects without any additional usage fees. However, each CD as a collection is copyrighted. Duplication and/or distribution in digital form (sharing or resale of the files) of any Wetzel & Company CDs or single images is strictly forbidden without prior written permission.

Why are your images in JPEG format, and can I convert them to TIFFs?

Because we chose to save all of our images as compressed JPEGs, we were able to put more images on one CD. Having said that, we opted for the least compression possible for optimum results. Once you open one of our files, you can “save as” a TIFF, EPS or whatever file type you wish.

What other programs work with your CDs?

We sell JPEG images – therefore any program that can open a JPEG can utilize our CDs. Photoshop Elements, is actually Photoshop “light” and most of our tutorials should work great. To get the full benefit of my CDs, your application should be able to create layers. Microsoft’s Digital Image can create it’s version of layers called objects. These objects are “stacked”. Stacks are Microsofts version of layers. Unfortunately, you’ll have to experiment on your own and interpret my tutorials to achieve the same effects.

How Do I Order On-line?

It’s very easy to purchase one of Wetzel & Company’s CDs. Just click on our Shop button. You will go to our secure sales order form.

1) When the Order Form appears, choose which products you would like to order, then press next.

2) Fill out the Ship To form, choose from the shipping options menu, then press next

3) Fill out the Card Information form, making sure the name and address is exactly the same as your billing statement .

4) When you press Next, your order will be processed, and your credit will either be approved or declined. If your order is approved, you will receive e-mail confirmation. If your card has been declined, chances are you have incorrectly entered your card number or mailing address. If problems persist, please contact your credit card issuer.

I’d rather pay by check. Can I order by mail?

No problem! The easiest way is to print out a blank order form, fill it out manually (including shipping and sales tax if applicable) and mail it to us. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for your check to clear but we understand some people are still not comfortable using a credit card on the internet.

How Do I Cancel an Order?

Once you’ve placed an order, it can only be canceled by contacting Wetzel & Company by e-mail or by telephone. To request cancellation email us a sales@wetzelandcompany.com or call us at 203 846 8594.

How Safe is Ordering on the Internet?

We understand your concerns. We use PaymentNet’s secure servers (www.paymentnet.com) and their forms. When you order a product from Wetzel and Company, your credit card information is encrypted so only authorized individuals can access your purchase. PaymentNet processes thousands of transactions without a single theft. You can rest assured your purchase will be safe.

How Do I Return a Damaged Shipment?

If the package delivery service attempts to deliver a damaged package, you can refuse it. Please notify Wetzel & Company by e-mail or by phone – sales@wetzelandcompany.com or call us at 203 846 8594. Upon receipt of the returned package, we will either refund your purchase or re-send your order. If the package contains internal damage, please e-mail or call for replacement instructions.

Do I pay sales tax?

Connecticut residents pay 6% sales tax .

Wetzel & Company’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

While we are sure you will be very happy with purchase from Wetzel and Company, we extend a 14 day “no questions asked” guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, from 14 days of purchase, e-mail us at sales@wetzelandcompany.com and request return shipping instructions. Upon receipt of your return, your credit card will be credited the full amount of your purchase less shipping. It couldn’t be simpler.