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Photo Restoration
Something happens to old photos of a certain age: The sky disappears. Just completely up and disappears, like all that was ever there was a solid yellow sky.

Green Screen with CS5
Green screen photography, or chroma key as it’s called in the broadcast industry, has been around for a long time.

Hard Light – Blending Mode
In this tutorial, we create another “painterly effect” using a watercolor background.

Retouching Photos with Background Textures
In this tutorial, we will take a photograph, and overlay textures to create a “watercolor” in Photoshop.

More Blending Modes – Video
“If you want a graphic and surreal look, this Photoshop technique will work for you.”

Cloud Replacement Therapy
We’ve all taken photographs with dull and uninspired skies. This tip describes a subtle technique that goes beyond cutting and replacing. I’ve chosen a typical vacation picture that is in need of my cloud replacement therapy.

Colorizing Black & White Photographs
Instead of painting flat color in Photoshop, use a Watercolor Background.

Dappled Light
If you have tried the Lighting Effects filter in Photoshop, and are looking for something more natural, this tutorial might be for you.

Depth of Field
One of the challenges of background replacement is simulating a believable depth of field. This Photoshop tutorial will help solve the problem.

Using the Dodge and Burn Tools
We’ll add dimension to the texture without resorting to airbrushing a tone on top of the texture. By using the Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop, you can retain the underlying color.

Edges & Borders with Masks
If you want to create a border with a simple white background, all you need to do is create a new screened layer (over your photo ) using one of my edges. But if you want to use a colored background or a textured image, you will have to use a different technique.

Marbled Papers and Gaussian Blur – Video
In this tutorial, you’ll learn some nifty illustrative techniques that will get you thinking “outside of the box”.

Getting More Texture from One Image
You’ve got a texture that almost works for your latest design, but its not quite right. This is the age old problem with clip art and stock photography.

It’s All About Layer Adjustments
Whenever I add a background texture to a photograph, I always play with the Photoshop’s layer adjustment drop down menu and the opacity levels.

That Studio Look – Lighting Effects
There are occasions when you might want to change a background of an existing shot. Sometimes it’s the client, sometimes it’s your own quest for perfection. Whatever the case, here’s a technique that can help.

Background Adjustments with Match Color
What I love about this new color correction technique is that you can marry two images and make the marriage look great – even if these images, at first glance, seem to clash.

Painting with a Single Texture Map
You can create a real watercolor painting from a line drawing using Photoshop and a Watercolor Background.

Painting with an Eraser
With Photoshop and a texture or two, you can paint your way closer to that elusive masterpiece.

Combining Patterns and Backgrounds
Try combining a background with a black and white pattern for a great effect.

Beyond Posterization
Here is an unconventional technique using an adjustment layer, and a photographic background.

Sensational Sepia Tones
Most sepia tone techniques just alter the color tones of an image. In this tutorial, I’ll use some hand made paper to give my photograph that aged appearance we associate with sepia toned pictures.

Shadows in Perspective
In this tutorial, we will consider the light source and place a shadow in perspective.

More Blending Modes, Soft Light – Video
Each mode has it’s own character. In this tutorial, we explore Soft Light. It’s worth experimenting – you might discover a useful technique.

Textures within Type
Quite often we all get stuck in design ruts and need a new idea to stimulate our creative juices. I’ve taken the word “type” and have pasted into each letter one of my watercolor backgrounds.

Creating Torn / Deckle Edges in Photoshop
This technique can be used with numerous built in Photoshop filters. Try it, it’s worth the experiment.

Transform and Skew your Background Art
In this tutorial we will Transform/Skew a scanned texture to create background depth and a great effect.

Deep Space Techniques with the Twirl Tool
I wanted to create the illusion of outer space with depth. With Photoshop, it was a snap.